"BIG" Frog
"BIG" Frog Photo Shoot Sample
'Charlie' Crab Clock
1840 French Lion's Head Urn {USA}
4 Large Classic Pillar Candleholders w/Hurricane 5.25"dia. - Set of 4 plus 4 hurricanes
4 Large Classic Pillar Candleholders w/Hurricane 6.25"dia., Set of 4 plus 4 Hurricanes
4 Large Classic Tall 6.00"dia. Pillar Candleholders w/Hurricane - Set of 4 plus 4 Hurricanes
4 Large Classic Tall Pillar Candleholders 5.5"dia. - Set of 4
4 Large Tuscan Pillar Candleholders 5.25" Set of 4
About Us - The HenFeathers Collection , the finest original garden and outdoor living decor and garden furnishings
Acanthus Leaf Urn Lg. {USA}
Acanthus Leaf Vase
Acorn & Oak Urn
Acorn & Oak Urn AEL
Acorn & Oak Urn TC
Acorn Pot by Ryan Gainey
Acorn Pot Large
Adirondack Faux Bois Fountain
Adriano Urn {USA}n
Aesop's Big Tortoise {USA}n
Agresti Vase
Agresti Vase Grande 32
Aloha Pineapple Planter
Aloha Pineapple Planter Large
Alouette Bird Family Planter
Alto Vase
Alto Vase 20
Alto Vase 24
Alto Vase 28
Amalfi Garden Seat/Table Green (n)
Amalfi Garden Seat/Table Honey (n)
Amalfi Garden Seat/Table White (n)
Anafi Urn
Anduze Jardiniere Giant {USA}n
Anduze Jardiniere Large {USA}n
Anduze Jardiniere Medium {USA}n
Anduze Jardiniere Small {USA}n
Anduze Jardiniere Wide {USA}n
Anfora Fountain
Ang Pot Set of 3
Angel On High Large {USA}
Angel on High Petite {USA}
Angel Whispering {USA}
Antique Market Chalkboard w/ Shelves (n)
Apple Study Wall Decor
Aragon Hurricane (n)
Arbor Seat/Table (n)
Arboretum Bench {USA}n
Arcadian Urn {USA}n
Arch & Acanthus Leaf Urn
Architeca Hexagonal Table/Seat
Architectural Accents
Architectural Accents
Architectural Square Decorative Wall Plaques {USA}
Architectural Tiles/Plaques (Set of 4)
Arezzo Finial Urn with Lid {USA}n
Armillary Candelabra (n)
Armillary Pedestal
Artifact Fountain
Artisan Rolled Rim Vase - Grande
Artisan Rolled Rim Vase 12
Artisan Rolled Rim Vase 14
Artisan Rolled Rim Vase 16
Artisan Rolled Rim Vase 18
Artisan Rolled Rim Vase 20
Artisan Rolled Rim Vase Grande 28
Artisan Rolled Rim Vase Grande 32
Artisan Rolled Rim Vase Grande 36
Artisan Rolled Rim Vase with Rosette
Artisan Squat Rolled Rim 20
Artisan Squat Rolled Rim Vase
Aspara Planters AR Set of 4
Aspara Planters Set of 4
Aspen Planter
Athena Urn {USA}n
Aurielle Planter
Avignon Planter Window Box/Planter
Avignon Trough Planter
Avoriaz Garden Stool/Table (n)
Aya Fountain
Bali Frog Fountain
Bamboo Box Planter by Mario Nievera
Barcelona Bench {USA}n
Barcelona Conversation Set
Barcelona Garden Furniture Collection
Barcelona Hurricane 10"
Barcelona Patio Chair {USA}n
Barcelona Patio Dining Set
Barcelona Swivel Chair {USA}n
Barcelona Tall Hurricane 15"
Barcelona Urn {USA}n
Barn Board Planter
Barn Board Planter Medium
Barn Board Planter Small Square
Barnsley Urn
Basic Cube Planter
Basic Cube Planter 17
Basic Cube Planter Grande 30
Basic Window Box Planter
Basic Window Box Planter 40
Basket Weave Planter Large {USA
Basket Weave Planter Medium {USA}
Basket Weave Planter Pair Large (USA}n
Basket Weave Planter Pair Medium {USA}n
Basket Weave Planter Pair {USA}n
Basket Weave Planter {USA}n
Bath Estate Finial {USA}n
Beaumont Faux Bois Bench (n)
Bee Pot by Richard Hartlage
Belgrave Planter 23" (n)
Belgrave Planter 23FL (n)
Belgrave Planter 27" (n)
Belgrave Planter 27" LG(n)
Belgrave Round Planter
Belgrave Round Planter 16 AEL
Belgrave Round Planter 16 FLN
Belgrave Round Planter AEL
Belgrave Square Planter
Belgrave Square Planter AEL
Belle Conversation Table
Belle Table {USA}n
Berwyn Hunt Hurricane
Bird & Birds Nest Tic Tac Toe
Bird and Branch
Bird and Branch Birdbath with Stand
Bird and Branch Birdbath {USA}n
Bird and Branch Clock - Bronze
Bird and Branch Planter with a trellis.
Bird and Branch Planter with a trellis.
Bird Kingdom Plaque{USA}
Bird on Branch Urn, Pair
Bird on Branch Bird Feeder {USA}
Bird on Branch Fountain with Pump
Bird on Branch Planters, Pair
Bird On Branch Urn with French Wire Trellis
Bird on Branch Urns, PAIR
Bird on French Epergne Vase (n)
Bird Plaque {USA}
Bird Pot by Richard Hartlage
Birds on a Branch and Feather Nest Cachepots Set of 3 (n)
Birds On A Fountain Plaque {USA}
Birds on French Wire Cloches - Set of 2 (n)
Birds on Vine Fountain {USA}
Birds on Vine Fountain - French Copper {USA}
Birdwatcher Decorative Wall Plaque{USA}
Blenheim Finial {USA}n
Blenheim Scroll Bench (n)
Blushing Wood Mushroom {USA}n
Blushing Wood Mushrooms Set of 3 {USA} n
Bois de Boulogne Bench (n)
Bois de Boulogne Cafe Side Table (n)
Bois de Boulogne Chair (n)
Bois de Bourbon Bench (n)
Bois de Bourbon Console Table (n)
Bois de Bourbon Tea Table (n)
Bois de Fontanilles Arm Chair (n)
Bois de Fontanilles Bench (n)
Bon Appetit Fish Clock
Bordeaux Clock, Vintage Wine 1875
Bordeaux Plant Stand - 3 Shelves
Bordine Finial Fountain
Borghese Fountain
Botanic Garden
Botanica Accent Table
Botanica Bench
Botanica Console Table
Botanical Fruit Study Plaques Set of 3
Botanical Triptych Plaques
Boutique Bird and Branch Clock
Boutique Bird and Branch Thermometer
Boutique Birds Nest Clock & Thermometer
Boutique Butterfly Clock
Boutique Butterfly Thermometer
Boutique Classic Sundial Clock
Boutique Convexed Clock and Thermometer Set
Boutique Coral Seashell Clock & Thermometer
Boutique Lily pad Clock
Boutique Scallop Shell Clock
Boutique Sundial Clock
Boutique Thistle Clock
Boutique Thistle Thermometer
Boy With Frog {USA}
Brentano Urn {USA}n
Brindisi Pedestal Base {USA}n
Brindisi Urn {USA}n
Bronze Fern Oval Planter or Beverage Cooler
Bronze Sculptures
Bronze Statues - Carefree Young Girl lost wax bronze
Bronze Wall Tile - Acanthus Leaf 7"
Bronze Wall Tile Brun- Acanthus Leaf 7"
Bronze Wall Tile Verdigris - Acanthus Leaf 14"
Brookside Branch Side Table (n)
Brookside Branch Table/Bench {n}
Bull Frog {USA}
Bunny Decorative Wall Plaque{USA}
Bunny Friendship Plaque{USA}
Cachepot Foyer Table (n)
Cachepot Romano
Cachepot Romano Large
Cachepot Romano Medium
Cachepot Side Table (n)
Cadiz Jar
Cambridge Artichoke Finial {USA}n
Camellia Fountain
Camellia Wall Decor Planter {USA}
Candle Holders & Lanterns
Candle Holders & Lanterns
Carlton House Urn & Pedestal {USA}n
Carmel Garden Stool/Table (n)
Carriage Lantern 23" Black (n)
Cartouche Garden Clock is a Henfeathers Original, indoor/outdoor
Casa Urn {USA}n
Cascading Hosta Fountain
Celadon Seat/Table (n)
Celine Planter
Chalice Urn {USA}n
Chambord Bench with Fleur de Lis {USA}n
Chambord Faux Bois Cafe Table (n)
Chambord Faux Bois Cafe Tea Table (n)
Chambord Patio Chair
Changmai Occasional Table
Chanteloup Planter by Charlotte Moss
Chanticleer Clock
Chartres Chateau Box Planter
Chartres Chateau Box Planter
Chartres Chateau Trough Planter
Chartwell Planter
Chartwell Planter 15 AEL
Chartwell Planter 24 AEL
Chartwell Planter 24 FLN
Chartwell Planter 30 AEL
Chartwell Planter 30 FLN
Chartwell Trough
Chartwell Trough 36 AEL
Chartwell Trough 59 AEL
Chartwell Trough 59 FLN
Chateau Bench {USA}n
Chateau Chair
Chateau Conversation Set
Chateau Garden Furniture Collection
Chateau Patio Dining Set
Cherry Tree Study Plaque
Cherub & Angel Wall Decor
Cherub with Harp and Lamb {USA}
Cherub with Trumpet {USA}
Cherubs with Harp & Trumpet {USA}
Chestnut Faux Bois Planter
Child on Shell Bird Bath {USA}
Child Playing With Mr. Leapy Frog {USA}
Child Tumbling Bronze Sculpture
Child with Bunny {USA}
Child with Clamshell Fountainhead {USA}
Child with Clamshell Garden Birdbath/Sculpture {USA}
Child with Goose Sculpture {USA}
Child with Kittens
Child with Puppy
Child with Puppy {USA}
Children Leapfrogging
Circular Lemon Planter
Cirrus Garden Terrace Fountain
Clam Shell Wall Planter 2pc {USA}
Claremont Estate Urn with Handles {USA}n
Classic Fluted Venetian Urn {USA} n
Classic Clam Shell and Seahorse Urn Pair[ this price on this sample pair Only]
Classic Clam Shell Garden Fountain {USA}
Classic Fern Fountain {USA}
Classic Fern Planter - Antique French Copper {USA}
Classic Fern Planter - Rectangle {USA}
Classic Fern Wall Planter
Classic Fluted Pedestal 17 {USA}n
Classic Fluted Pedestal 9 {USA}n
Classic Fruit Swag and Ram Urn
Classic Fruit Swag and Ram Urn AEL
Classic Fruit Swag and Ram Urn BA
Classic Grapevine Urn Wall Decor
Classic Lovebirds Pedestal Birdbath {USA}n
Classic Magnolia Urn {USA}
Classic Magnolia Urn {USA}
Classic Pineapple Doorstop {USA}
Classic Rolled Rim Planters Set of 3
Classic Spiral Topiary Preserved
Classic Spiral Topiary Preserved 72"
Classic Spiral Topiary Preserved 84"
Classic Sundial Thermometer
Classic Twin Dolphin Fountain {USA}
Classic Urn
Classic Urn 32
Classic Urn Grande 40
Classic Venetian Urn Pair {USA} n
Clematis Vine Garden Wall Fountain {USA}
Cobblestone Bench
Color Chart 3 Coins
Color Chart 3 Coins Mount Vernon
Color Chart 3 Coins Wide
Color Chart Capital Gardens Fiberglass
Color Chart Capital Gardens Full
Color Chart HenFeathers
Color Chart HenFeathers Orlandi Combo
Color Chart Orlandi FFS
Color Chart Orlandi Fiberglass
Color Chart Orlandi FS
Coltsfoot Leaf Birdbath
Community Birdfeeder {USA}
Community Birdfeeder DV {USA}
Community Birdfeeder {USA}
Cone Vase
Conservatory Planter by Guy Wolff
Contact Us
Contemporary & Ancient Shapes
Convex Solstice Sun Clock
Convex Solstice Sun Clock & Thermometer Set
Convex Solstice Sun Thermometer
Copper Fern Fountain with Pump {USA}
Coral Gables Birdbath {USA}n
Corfu Planters Set of 2
Corsini Fountain
Cortona Urn {USA}n
Cote d'Azur Planters Set of 3 Antique Cream
Cote d'Azur Planters Set of 3 Indigo Rain
Cotswold Meadow Sheep {USA}n
Country House 3-Tier Plant Stand (n)
Cross Plait Round Conversation Table 38" {USA}n
Cross Plait Round Patio Table 38" {USA}n
Cross Plait Round Patio Table 52" {USA}n
Cross Plait Round Patio Table {USA}n
Crown Conch Plaque - Small
Cuddling Cranes {USA}n
Cuddling Songbirds Fountain
Cupola Clock
Daeling Vessel {USA}n
Daisies Planters Set of 2
Daisies Planters Set of 2 Antique Cream
Daisies Planters Set of 2 Cinnamon
Daisy Clock
Daventy Pedestal
Deauxville Round Handle Pot
Deauxville Urn
Decor Visions
Decorative Accessories
Design Visions 1
Design Visions 1
Design Visions 2
Design Visions 3
Design Visions Blog
Deux Rooster bas relief
Deux Rooster Bas relief
Deux Rooster bas relief in Essex Lead Sample
Deux Rooster bas relief in French Copper {USA}
Devonshire Bench Large (n)
Devonshire Chair (n)
Devonshire Loveseat (n)
Diamond Plait Oval Patio Table
Diamond Plait Oval Patio Table 82"
Disappearing Leaf Sculpture Fountain
Discontinued Planters
Doric column Pedestal Pair {USA}
Doric Pedestal {USA}
Dubois Demilune 3 Tier Plant Stand (n)
Duck Preening Standing {USA}
Edenbridge Urn
Egg & Dart Handle Urn with Acanthus Leaf Base {USA}n
Egg and Dart Handle Urn
Elegant Antique Marble Bench, 1880, Rare find, Freight shipping included in Price
Element Zen Frog Fountain
Elm Faux Bois Planter
Emilie Bakers Rack Plant Stand
Emilie Corner Etagere
Emilie Tree and Fruit Baskets - Set of 2
English Boxwood Double Ball Topiary
English Boxwood Potted
English Boxwood Potted Topiary 25"
English Boxwood Triple Ball Topiary
English Hare {USA}
English Ivy Ball 20"
English Ivy Topiary 42"
English Ivy Topiary 62"
Equinox Garden Terrace Fountain
Escala Fountain
Essex Button Window Box {USA}n
Estancia Fountain
Etruscan Urn 21 {USA}n
Etruscan Urn 28 {USA}n
Fairies & Gnomes
Fairy on Mushrooms {USA}
Fairy on Toadstools {USA}
Fairy on Vine Garden Sculpture {USA}
Fairy on Vine with Metal Hanger [sm] {USA}
Fairy on Vine with Metal Hanger {USA}
Fairy Wall Decor-Three Fairies-Hen-Feathers{USA}
Farmhouse Piggy Sculpture
Farmhouse Piggy Wine Rack
Farmhouse Rooster Sculpture
Farnsworth Fox {USA}
Faux Bois Bench
Faux Bois Furniture & Accent Collection
Faux Bois Planter by Mario Nievera
Faux Bois Planter Large
Fern Bird Feeder
Fern Candle Holders- 12.75" H, Pair
Fern Oval Planter or Beverage Cooler
Fern Planter {USA}
Fern Planter {USA}
Fern Planter - 10.75" H
Fern Planter - Round 11.75" H
Fern Planter - Round 11.75" H
Fern Planter Pair {USA} n
Fern Planter- Round 8.25" H, PAIR
Fern Planters - 7.25" H, PAIR
Fern Planters Pair Sample
Fern Planters, PAIR
Fern Planters- Round 8.25" H, PAIR
Fern Wall Planter
Fern Wall Planter
Firenza Urn {USA}n
Five Songbirds Fountain
Fleur de Lis Planters Set of 2
Fleur de Lis Planters Set of 2 Antique Glaze
Fleur de Lis Water Lily Pad Fountain - Fountains {USA}
Floating Flower/Fountain Vessel {USA}n
Flora Fountain
Floral Swag Pot {USA}n
Florentine Fluted Urn - Large
Florentine Fluted Urn - Medium
Florentine Fluted Urn Medium on Fleur de Lis Pedestal
Florentine Fluted Urn on Fleur de Lis Pedestal {USA}n
Florentine Fluted Urn {USA}n
Florentine Fruit Planter Devon Lead Large
Florentine Fruit Planter Devon Lead Medium
Florentine Fruit Planter Pair Large
Florentine Fruit Planter Pair Medium {USA}n
Florentine Fruit Planter Pair {USA}n
Florentine Fruit Planter {USA}n
Florentine Urn Tall
Florentine Urn Tall Brass
Florentine Urn Tall FLN
Florentine Urn Wide
Flores Balustrade Fountain
Flores Fountain
Flower Botanical Plaque - Foxglove VB {USA}
Flower Botanical Plaque - Foxglove{USA}
Flower Botanical Plaque - Hosta {USA}
Flower Botanical Plaque - Lilac {USA}
Flower Botanical Plaque - Lily DV {USA}
Flower Botanical Plaque -Lily {USA}
Fluid Birdbath with Birds {USA}n
Fluted Flower Pot
Fluted Flower Pot 24
Fluted Flower Pot Grande 28
Fluted Frond Urn {USA}n
Fluted Frond Window Box
Fontainbleu Fountain
Fontainebleau Urn {USA}n
Footed Bowl
For The Birds
For The Birds
For the Gardener
For the Wine Lover
For the Wine Lover
Forest Bear Bench {USA}n
Francese Vase
French Basket Planter 14 Provence Blue {USA}n
French Basket Planter 22H White Moss {USA}n
French Basket Planter/ LG. beverage cooler 22 {USA}n
French Basket Planter/wine cooler 15" {USA}n
French Basket Wine Cooler {USA}n
French Country Cafe Beverage Cooler (n)
French Country Cutting Boards - Set of 2
French Country Tree Baskets - Set of 2
French Petal Urn (n)
French Weave Fruit Basket {USA}n
French Weave Urn {USA}
French Wire Garden Finials Set of 2 (n)
French Wire Hurricane
Frisky Bunny and Scratching Bunny Pair {USA}
Frog & Lily pad Tic Tac Toe
Frog Sculpture {USA}
Fruit Birdbath with Metal Stand
Fruit Candle Holders, Set of Four
Fruit Cluster Urn {USA}
Fruit Design Candle Holders- 12.25" H, PAIR
Fruit Design Candle Holders- 14.75", PAIR
Fruit Herb Planters, Pair
Fruit Motif Herb Planter with side pockets
Fruit Tree Topiary Wall Decor {USA}
Fruit Urn - 10.25" H
Fruit Urn - 7.25", Pair
Furness Planter {USA}n
Galini Pot
Garden Benches, Patio Furniture & Faux Bois
Garden Clocks, Temperature & Weather
Garden Goldfinch {USA}n
Garden Plant Riser (n)
Garden Planter Box / Tool Tote (n)
Garden Scroll Bench (n)
Garden Stool with Seahorse Relief
Garden Terrace Arabesque Spa Planter
Garden Terrace Meditation Fountain
Garland Vase
Garland Vase 28
Garland Vase Grande 32
Genoa Oil Jar Large {USA}n
Genoa Oil Jar Medium {USA}n
Gertrude Pot by Guy Wolff
Gibbons Window Box
Gibbons Window Box 24 FLN
Gibbons Window Box 24 OC
Gibbons Window Box 36 AEL
Gibbons Window Box 36 FLN
Gibbons Window Box 36 OC
Gibbons Window Box 54 AEL
Gibbons Window Box 54 FLN
Gibbons Window Box 54 OC
Gift Certificates
Gifts $59 & Under
Gifts For...
Ginkgo Study Plaque
Girl with Kittens {USA}
Girona Fountain
Gladwyne Window Box
Glasgow Urn
Glasgow Urn Lead
Glastonbury Urn
Glastonbury Urn Matte Black
Glenveagh Pedestal {USA}n
Glenveagh Urn {USA}n
Goblet Topiary Urn Pair {USA}
Goblet Topiary Urn {USA}
Golf Tic Tac Toe
Gothic Architectural Arch Wall Piece/House & Garden Architectural Element {USA}
Gourmet Pig Clock
Granada Hurricane
Granada Tall Hurricane
Grand Chelsea Planter {USA}n
Grand Concorde Window Box {USA}n
Grand Convexed Clock
Grand Fluted Venetian Urn Extra Large {USA} n
Grand Garland Box Planter {USA}n
Grand Garland Pot 14 {USA}n
Grand Garland Pot 17 Pair {USA}n
Grand Garland Pot 17 {USA}n
Grand Garland Pot 21 Pair {USA}n
Grand Garland Pot 25 Pair {USA}n
Grand Garland Pot 25 {USA}n
Grand Garland Pot 31 {USA}n
Grand Garland Pot Pairs {USA}n
Grand Garland Pot {USA}n
Grand Garland Rectangular Planter 74L {USA}n
Grand Garland Rectangular Planter {USA}n
Grand Garland Square Planter {USA}n
Grand Isle Pineapple Welcome Plaque
Grand Lily Pad Clock
Grand Lily Pad Clock & Thermometer Set
Grand Lily Pad Thermometer
Grand Manor Clock - HenFeathers' original design
Grand Pagoda Plant Stand
Grand Pembrooke Planter / Lily Pad Cistern
Grand Rivendell Faux Bois Bench Large (n)
Grand Saranac Faux Bois Planter
Grand Seashell Clock
Grand Solstice Convex Clock - Antique Aegean copper
Grand Solstice Sun Clock, Convex
Grand Warwick Terrarium
Grande Acanthus Handle Urn on Pedestal {USA}n
Grande Urns & Planters
Grande Veranda Lantern (n) 24" & 28"
Grape Harvest bas relief
Grapevine Caddy - Set of 2
Grotto Scallop Shell Birdbath {USA}n
Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel bas Relief
Hammered Copper Clock
Hampton Oyster Shell Birdbath
Hampton Pot by Guy Wolff
Hand Thrown Cloche Vase by Bunny Williams
Hand Thrown Critter Pot by Abbie Zabar
Hanging Flower Pot by Richard Hartlage
Hartford Pot by Guy Wolff
Haverford Window Box
Haverford Window Box 30 SW
Haverford Window Box 36 FLN
Haverford Window Box 36 SW
Haverford Window Box 48 FLN
Haverford Window Box 48 SW
Hawthorne Grand Lion Head Fountain
Hawthorne Lion Head Fountain AEL
HenFeathers $100 Gift Certificate
HenFeathers $150 Gift Certificate
HenFeathers $200 Gift Certificate
HenFeathers $250 Gift Certificate
HenFeathers $300 Gift Certificate
HenFeathers $50 Gift Certificate
HenFeathers Award-Winning Garden TRAKE
Henfeathers Bird on Branch Bird Feeder {USA}
HenFeathers French Hens, Set of 2 (n)
HenFeathers Mandarin Planter {USA}
HenFeathers Milano Low Planters Set of 2
HenFeathers Piazza Fountain
HenFeathers Ribbon Urn in vintage blanc with w/special "Noir"darker background {USA}
HenFeathers Tranquility Garden Set
Henri Hurricane
Henri VII Wall Planter
Henry VII Round Planter
Henry VII Round Planter
Henry VII Round Planter S AEL
Henry VII Round Planter S FLN
Henry VII Tudor Planter / Window Box
Henry VII Window Box AEL
Herringbone Seat/Table
HF On Sale
Hillsworth Pedestal
Holiday & Occasions, Celebrate!!
Holiday Tree 30" with Burlap Ribbon
Home & Garden Decor
How Thyme Herb Decorative Wall Plaque {USA}
Hugging Bunnies [USA}
Hunan Vessel {USA}n
Hydrangea Leaf Garden Terrace Fountain
Ile de la Mer Bench {USA}n
Ile de la Mer Chair {USA}n
Ile de la Mer Garden Furniture Collection
Ile de la Mer Lanai Set
Ile de la Mer Table with Bouquet Base {USA}n
Image Dump
Impruneta artisan Rolled Rim Vase
Impruneta Pinecone Finial
Impruneta Terra Cotta - The Seibert & Rice Collection
Inspirational Gifts
Ionian Vessel 40 {USA}n
Ionian Vessel 62 {USA}n
Island Pineapple Urn {USA}n
Island Pineapple Welcome Plaque
Jack Pot by Jack Lenor Larsen
Jardin Royale
Jardin Royale Tall Urn
Jina Vase {USA}n
Juniper Ball Cone Preserved Topiary
Juniper Ball Cone Preserved Topiary 50"
Juniper Ball Cone Preserved Topiary 30"
Juniper Ball Cone Preserved Topiary 40"
Juniper Ball Cone Preserved Topiary 60"
Juniper Ball Preserved Topiary
Juniper Ball Preserved Topiary 30"
Juniper Ball Preserved Topiary 40"
Juniper Cone Preserved Topiary
Juniper Cone Preserved Topiary 30"
Juniper Cone Preserved Topiary 40"
Juniper Cone Preserved Topiary 50"
Juniper Cone Preserved Topiary 60"
Juniper Cone Preserved Topiary 72"
Juniper Double Ball Preserved Topiary
Juniper Double Ball Preserved Topiary 30"
Juniper Double Ball Preserved Topiary 40"
Juniper Topiary Globe Preserved
Juniper Topiary Globe Preserved 11"
Juniper Topiary Globe Preserved 15"
Juniper Topiary Globe Preserved 18"
Juniper Topiary Globe Preserved 24"
Juniper Topiary Globe Preserved 30"
Juniper Topiary Globe Preserved 36"
Juniper Topiary Globe Preserved 9"
Juniper Triple Ball Preserved Topiary
Juniper Triple Ball Preserved Topiary 40"
Juniper Triple Ball Preserved Topiary 50"
Juniper Triple Ball Preserved Topiary 60"
Juniper Triple Ball Preserved Topiary 72"
Kalamata Jar
Katy Kat {USA}n
Kensington Curved Garden Bench 17x42 {USA}n
Kensington Curved Garden Bench 18x52 {USA}n
Kensington Planter (n)
Kenzo Fountain
Key Largo Clam Shell Planter
Kingswood Urn
Kitchens & Cooks
Kitchens & Cooks
Koln Pot 17 {USA}n
Koln Pot 26 {USA}n
Kon Tum Planters Set of 3
Kos Pot 22 {USA}n
Kos Pot 37 {USA}n
Kos Pot {USA}n
Kowloon Chippendale Planter
Kowloon Chippendale Planter Large
Kowloon Chippendale Planter Medium
La Maison Visage Box Planter
La Maison Visage Box Planter Large
La Maison Visage Trough Planter
La Maison Visage Trough Planter Large
La Tour Eiffel 6' Garden Folly {USA}n
La Vin Bottle Bistro (n)
La Vin Bottle Bistro Aqua
La Vin Bottle Bistro Garnet
La Vin Bottle Cafe (n)
La Vin Bottle Cafe Aqua (n)
La Vin Bottle Cafe Clear (n)
La Vin Bottle Cafe Garnet
Lake Como Finial Urn
Lancaster Planter
Lancaster Planter
Lancaster Planter 15 AEL
Lancaster Planter 15 SW
Lancaster Planter 19 AEL
Lancaster Planter 19 GB
Lancaster Planter 19 SW
Lancaster Planter 25 AEL
Lancaster Planter 25 GB
Lancaster Planter 25 SW
Lancaster Trough Planter 36 AEL
Lancaster Trough Planter 36 GB
Lancaster Trough Planter 36 SW
Lancaster Trough Planter 40 AEL
Lancaster Trough Planter 40 GB
Lancaster Trough Planter 40 SW
Large Block Island Lantern 25 (n)
Large Block Island Lantern Tall 33 (n)
Large Carmel Lantern 20" (n)
Large Carmel Lantern 26" (n)
Large Carriage Lantern 23" (n)
Large Carriage Lantern 30 (n)
Large Carriage Lantern 30GY (n)
Large Classic Dolphin Fountain
Large Classic Dolphin Fountain AEL
Large Classic Dolphin Fountain BA
Large Garland Flower Box
Large La Jolla Lantern
Large Lily Study with Blossoms Wall Decor
Large Peony Study Wall Decor
Large Poppy Study Wall Decor
Large Provencal Candleholder with center Vessel 21"
Large Scallop Shell Clock - Antique Aegean
Large Sussex Lantern 21.5"(n)
Large Sussex Lantern 33" Tall (n)
Lattice Planter
Lattice Planter
Lattice Weave Planter (Aluminum) {USA}n
Lattice Weave Planter Large {USA}n
Lattice Weave Planter Medium
Lattice Weave Planter Medium Large
Lattice Weave Planter {USA}n Fiberglass
Lattice Weave Urn w/Finial Lid Sample
Le Deux Jardiniere {USA}n
Lemon Flower Box
Lemon Study Wall Decor
Lemon Vase
Lemon Vase 21
Lily Pad
Lily Pad bench {USA}
Lily Pad Bird Bath
Lily Pad Candle Holder - 10.5"
Lily Pad Clock & Thermometer Set
Lily Pad Fountain/Birdbath {USA}
Lily Pad Fountain/Birdbath {USA} Sample
Lily Pad Nesting Side Tables- Set of 2
Lily Pad Planter - 10.5"
Lily Pad Planters- 8.25" H, PAIR
Lily Pad Table / Seat / Pedestal {USA}
Lily Pad Thermometer
Lily Pad Vases, PAIR
Lily Pad Wall Decor {USA}
Lily Study Medium Wall Decor
Lion Planter, Six claw feet {USA}
Lion Planters "Pair" Six Claw Feet {USA}
Lion's Head Urn Pair {USA}
Lionheart Fountain Head/Wall Sculpture
Lionheart Square Planter
Lionheart Square Planter
Lionheart Square Planter 15 AEL
Lionheart Square Planter 15 FLN
Lionheart Square Planter 20 AEL
Lionheart Square Planter 20 FLN
Lionheart Trough Planter
Lionheart Trough Planter 29 AEL
Lionheart Trough Planter 40 AEL
Lionheart Trough Planter 40 FLN
Lionheart Trough Planter 43 AEL
Lionheart Trough Planter 43 FLN
Lionheart Urn
Lions Feet
Lodge & Cabin
Lodge & Cottage
Lodge & Cottage
Lodge & Cottage
Lodge Clock
London Planter
London Square Planter 16 AEL
London Square Planter 20 AEL
London Square Planter 20 FLN
London Square Planter 24 AEL
London Square Planter 24 FLN
London Trough Planter 40 AEL
London Trough Planter 40 FLN
Lord Byron Urn With Handles {USA}n
Lost Wax Bronze * we apologize but cannot offer friends and family on the heirloom bronzes
Louie Lapin, the Floppy Ear Rabbit {USA}
Love Bird Planter - Left {USA}n
Love Bird Planter - Right {USA}n
Love Bird Planters - Pair {USA}n
Lovebirds Birdbath {USA}n
Low Passion Flower Planters Set of 3
Lu Kieu Pot
Lu Nho Pot
Lydian Urn {USA}n
Madrid Garland Planter {USA}n
Magnolia Decorative Wall Plaque{USA}
Magnolia Leaf Finials, PAIR
Magnolia Urn Pair {USA}
Mai Planter
Mairfair Window Box
Majestic Botanical Studies Set of 2
Majestic Buck
Majestic Buck and Doe Sculpture Duo {USA}n
Majestic Crown Conch Wall Decor
Majestic Doe
Majestic Gladiolus Study Wall Decor
Majestic Grapevine Urn Plaque
Majestic Iris Study
Majestic Lily Study
Majestic Sun Flower Wall Decor
Majestic Tulip Study
Mama Rabbit {USA}
Mandarin Bench
Mandarin Console Table
Mandarin Garden Seat / Table Black
Mandarin Garden Seat / Table Burnished Red
Mandarin Garden Seat/Table
Mandarin Planter Pair {USA}
Mandarin Table
Mantel Urn oval {USA}
Marseille Urn Photo Shoot Sample
Marseille Urn {USA}n
Marseille Urn Large {USA}n
Mayfair Beverage / Wine Cooler, 6 Bottles
Mayfair Garden Bench {USA}n
Medallion Fountain
Medici Urn
Medici Vase
Medici Vase AEL
Medici Vase BA
Meditating Frogs Fountain
Medium Square Lancaster Planter
Messina Vase
Meudon Belle Flower Planter Buckets - Set of 2
Meudon Belle Wall Flower Vase - Set of 2
Meudon-Bellevue Planter (n)
Milan Bench {USA}n
Milan Centerpiece (n)
Milan Duet Classic Birdbath [USA} n
Milan Garden Stool/Table (n)
Milan Planter (n)
Mini Element Fountain with Songbirds
Mirror Lake Garden Seat /Accent Table
Molded Rolled Rim Vase
Molded Rolled Rim Vase - Grande
Molded Rolled Rim Vase 28
Molded Rolled Rim Vase Grande 32
Monarch Butterfly Clock
Monarch Butterfly Clock
Moon Shell Plaque
Moongate Bench
Moongate Console Table
Moongate Side Table
Moonlake Bench/Table
Morgan Scroll Urn
Morgan Scroll Urn Black
Moroccan Lantern Large
Morocco Accent Table
Morocco Console Table
Morris Hurricane
Morris Urn 13 {USA}n
Morris Urn 24 {USA}n
Morton Bench
Morton Drinks Table
Mother Nature Sundial
Mount Vernon Bench
Mount Vernon Chair
Mount Vernon Coffee Table
Mount Vernon Conversation Set
Mount Vernon Dove of Peace Planter Large {USA}n
Mount Vernon Dove of Peace Planter {USA}n
Mount Vernon Garden Furniture Collection
Mushroom Rain Gauge
Music Amongst The Trees Plaque w/birds and vines
Napflio Jar/Pot
Napoli Oil Jar {USA}n
Narbon Urns - Set of 2 (n)
Narbonne Enamelware Seat/Table
Narbonne Weave Basket Large {USA}n
Narbonne Weave Basket {USA}n
Natural Stone Accent Table
Natural Topiary Preserved
Natural Topiary Preserved 40
Natural Topiary Preserved 50"
Natural Topiary Preserved 60"
Natural Topiary Preserved 70"
Nature and Rabbit Scroll Wall Panels, bas relief, set of 3 {USA}
Nature Angel with Birds {USA}
Nature Inspired
Nature Inspired
Nature Inspired
Naturestone Accent Table
Naturestone Coffee Table
Nautical Shell Study Plaques Set of 3
Nautilus Rain Gauge
Nautilus Wall Decor
Nautilus Wall Decor - Small
Naxos Aegean Vase 29 {USA}n
Naxos Aegean Vase 40 {USA}n
Naxos Island Candle Cages - Set of 2
New Arrivals
New Orleans Bench {USA}n
New Orleans Urn on Pedestal {USA}n
Nice Garland Pot {USA}n
Nice Urn (n)
Nutmeg Shell Plaque
Oak Leaf Bronze Wall Tile 7"
Oak Leaf Footed Planter {USA}
Old Wine Plaque
Olive Oil Urn
Olive Oil Urn Grande
Olive Oil Urn Grande 36
Olive Oil Urn with Handles
Orangerie Topiary 28"
Orangerie Topiary 41"
Orchid Tranquility Fountain Dover White {USA}
Orchid Tranquility Fountain French Antique Copper {USA}
Original Wise Owl {USA}
Ornamental Vase
Otter - Bronze Garden Sculpture Fountainhead
Ottoman Garden Table/Stool {USA}n
Outdoor Wall Fountains
Outdoor Wall Fountains - Bronze Acanthus Leaf
Outdoor Wall Fountains - Bronze Oak Leaf
Outdoor Wall Fountains - Bronze Rosette
Oval Tear Vase {USA}n
Oxford Artichoke Finial {USA}n
Paco Puppy {USA}n
Palm Beach Table Base {USA}n
Pan on Turtle Shell Garden {USA}
Papa Rabbit {USA}
Papyrus Leaf Urn {USA}n
Paris Bistro Trays - Set of 2
Parisian Bistro Chair (n)
Parisian Bistro Chair RW (n)
Parisian Bistro Round Table (n)
Parisian Bistro Table (n)
Parisian Cafe 2 Tier Tray n
Parisian Cafe Candelabra (n)
Parisian Cafe Chalkboard (n)
Parisian Cafe Chalkboard Stand (n)
Parisian Cafe Garden Trays, Set of 2 (n)
Parisian Cafe Planter Boxes/Totes Set of 2 (n)
Parisian Cafe Round Tray with Handles (n)
Parisian Cafe Trois Tier Server (n)
Parisian Fleur Pails (n)
Parisian Garden Trug (n)
Parisian Garden Trug Large (n)
Parisian Tall Fleur Pails, Set of 2 (n)
Parisian Wine Caddy (n)
Parker Pelican {USA}
Paros Vase {USA}n
Patio Cafe & Entertaining
Peale Pot by Guy Wolff
Pear Study Plaque
Pear Study Plaque
Pear Tree of Life Fountain {USA}
Pear Tree of Life Wall Sculpture {USA}
Pelican - Bronze Garden Sculpture Fountains
Pembroke Planter / Lily Cistern AEL
Pepper Pot by Ken Druse
Petite Villa Urn {USA}n
Philadelphia Horticulture Plant Stand
Philodendron Clock
Philodendron Thermometer
Piazza Navona Courtyard Fountain {USA}n
Pine Cone & Berry Holiday Globe in Classic Urn
Pine Study Tiles Set of 3
Pineapple Finial {USA}
Pineapple Finial Box Planter
Pinewood Mushroom {USA}n
Piquenique Planter (n)
Plant Stands, Etageres & Cloches
Planter Window Boxes
Platia Fountain
Plato's Plinth {USA}n
Poetry Pot by Robert Dash
Poppy And Tulip Studies Set of 2
Poppy And Tulip Studies Set of 2 Sample
Poppy Wall Decor
Prairie Craft Vase {USA}n
Prarie Pot {USA}n
Preening Duck {USA}
Prestwick Pedestal
Prestwick Pedestal Black
Privacy Policy
Raffles Rattan Ottoman Trays - Set of 3
Rain Gauges & Sundials
Ranger Labrador {USA}n
Rani Grand Corner Fountain
Recife Fountain
Regent Planter
Regent Planter 12 AEL
Regent Planter 12 FLN
Regent Planter 12 OC
Regent Planter 15 AEL
Regent Planter 15 OC
Regent Planter 18 AEL
Regent Planter 18 FLN
Regent Planter 18 OC
Regent Trough Planter
Regent Trough Planter 36 AEL
Regent Trough Planter 36 OC
Regent Trough Planter 51 AEL
Regent Trough Planter 51 FLN
Regent Trough Planter 51 OC
Regent Window Box
Regent Window Box 24 AEL
Regent Window Box 24 OC
Regent Window Box 36 AEL
Regent Window Box 36 FLN
Regent Window Box 36 OC
Regent Window Box Pair
Returns and Cancellation Policy
Ribbon Urn Vintage Blanc {USA}
Ribbon Urn - Essex Lead {USA}
Ribbon Urn Pair {USA}
Rittenhouse Planter Box
Rittenhouse Planter Box 16 Square FLN
Rittenhouse Planter Box 20 Square AEL
Rittenhouse Planter Box 20 Square FLN
Rittenhouse Planter Box 24 Square AEL
Rittenhouse Planter Box 24 Square FLN
Rittenhouse Planter Box 35 Square AEL
Rittenhouse Planter Box 35 Square FLN
Rittenhouse Planter Trough Extra Large AEL
Rittenhouse Planter Trough Extra Large FLN
Rittenhouse Round Planter
Rittenhouse Round Planter AEL
Rittenhouse Trough Planter AEL
Rittenhouse Trough Planter FLN
Rittenhouse Window Box
Rittenhouse Window Box FLN
Rivendell Drinks Table (n)
Rivendell Faux Bois Bench (n)
Riverstone Birdbath
Roma Pot with Classic Bull Nose Rim {USA)n
Rose Decorative Bas Relief {USA}
Rose Study Hand Painted Fresco Style Bas Relief
Rose Study Hurricane Candle Holder (n)
Rose Study Marble Tray (n)
Rose Study Pedestal Candle Holder (n)
Rose Study Pillar Candle Holder (n)
Rose Study Pillar Candle Holder Sample
Rose Study Round Marble Cheese Tray (n)
Rose Switch Plate
Rosette Bronze Wall Tile 7"
Rosette Fountain
Rosette Piazza Fountain
Rovigo Round Planter
Royal Bee Garden Cloche Set of 3 (n)
Sailboat Clock
Sailboat Rain Gauge
Sailboat Thermometer
Saint Francis Collection
Saint Francis D'Assisi - Bronze Garden Sculpture, Small
Saint Francis D'Assisi - Original Garden Sculpture
Saint Francis Sitting - Garden Sculpture{USA}
Saint Francis Wall Plaque {USA}
Saranac Faux Bois Log Planter/table {USA}n
Saranac Lodge Pots - Set of 2
Saranac Lodge Seat / Table
Saranac Switch Plate
Saranac Welcome Plaque coldcast copper
Saunders Woods Faux Bois Pot Medium (n)
Saunders Woods Faux Bois Pot Tall (n)
Saunders Woods Faux Bois Pot Tapered (n)
Saunders Woods Faux Bois Seat/Table (n)
Saunders Woods Faux Bois Table (n)
Savona Pot {USA}n
Scallop Shell Thermometer
Scallop Shells Clock and Thermometer Set
Scotch Pine Wall Decor Plaque
Sea Island Seat/Table
Seahorse and Shell Tic Tac Toe
Seahorse Fountain
Seahorse Planter
Seahorse Urn
Seahorse Urn Pair
Seahorse Urn Pair - Photo Shoot Sample
Seahorse Urn {USA}
Seashell Garden Seat/Table {USA}n
Semicircle Wall Planter
Shale Stone Rectangular Vessel {USA}n
Shale Stone Square Vessel 20 {USA}n
Shale Stone Square Vessel {USA}n
Shale Stone Vessel 17 {USA}
Shale Stone Vessel 20 {USA}n
Shale Stone Vessel {USA}n
Sheffield Regal Window Box
Shell Cote d'Azur Planters Set of 3
Shell Finial, Boutique Pair
Shell Finial, Pair
Shell Pot
Shell Switch Plate
Shipping Info
Sierra 5 Candle Holder
Siros Planter
Small Boutique
Small Boutique
Smithsonian Lotus Fountain
SoHo Bench/Table {n}
SoHo Cube Planter
SoHo Cube Planter 15OPB
SoHo Cube Planter 21ALS
SoHo Cube Planter 21OPB
SoHo Cube Planter 24ALS
SoHo Cube Planter 24OPB
SoHo Cube Planter 27ALS
SoHo Cube Planter 27OPB
SoHo Cube Planter 39ALS
SoHo Cube Planter 39OPB
SoHo Round Pot
SoHo Round Pot 27 OPB
SoHo Round Pot 27ALS
SoHo Round Pot 8L ALS
SoHo Round Pot 8L OPB
SoHo Round Pot 8M ALS
SoHo Round Pot 8M OPB
SoHo Round Pot 8S OPB
SoHo Side Table {n}
SoHo Trough Planter
SoHo Trough Planter 47H ALS
SoHo Trough Planter 47H OPB
SoHo Trough Planter 47S OPB
SoHo Trough Planter 55H ALS
SoHo Trough Planter 55H OPB
SoHo Trough Planter 55S ALS
SoHo Trough Planter 55S OPB
SoHo Window Box
SoHo Window Box 28 OPB
SoHo Window Box 39
SoHo Window Box 39 OPB
Songbird Choir {USA}n
Sorbonne Plant Stand
Southport Outdoor Lantern
Southport Outdoor Lantern 12.5"
Sphere Fountain
Spruce Pine Wall Decor Plaque
Square Lemon Box
St. Aubin Fountain
St. Francis Plaque {USA}
St. Suplice Birdcage Plant Stands - Set of 2
St. Suplice Lantern
Stable Planter Box 21.5"
Stafford Urn
Stanley Bench
Stanley Chair
Stargazer Bronze Sculpture
Stone Spiral Pedestal {USA}
Strathmore Hurricane 12"
Strathmore Hurricane 16"
Sunburst Clock
Sunburst Thermometer
Sunflower Clock
Sunflower Study Medium Wall Decor
Sunnycroft Love Seat (n)
Sunshine Fairy- Bronze Garden Sculpture
Suplice 4 Tiet round Plant Stand /Shelves (n)
Suplice 5 Tier Plant Stand/ Shelves (n)
Suplice Demilune Wall Shelves (n)
Suplice Grand Plant Stand/Shelves (n)
Sussex 2-Tier Plant Stand (n)
Sussex 3 Tier Plant Stand
Sussex 3-Tier Garden Tray (n)
Sussex Box Planter 17.5"
Sussex Box Planter 21.5'
Sussex Panel Planter Large {USAn
Sussex Panel Planter Medium {USA}n
Sussex Panel Planter {USA}n
Sussex Trough Planter
Sussex Urn
Sussex Urn AEL
Swan Centerpiece {USA}
Swan Planter Essex Lead {USA}
Swan Planter {USA}
Taipan Seat/Table
Tall Cabbage Pot Set of 4
Tall Pinewood Mushroom {USA} n
Tavesia Planter
Tavira Jar
Terracotta Garden Bench
Terracotta Pedestal
Terracotta Pedestal 14
Terracotta Pedestal 16
Terracotta Saucer 10
Terracotta Saucer 12
Terracotta Saucer 14
Terracotta Saucer 16
Terracotta Saucer 18
Terracotta Saucer 20
Terracotta Saucer 24
Terracotta Saucer 8
Terracotta Saucers
Terracotta Wedge 3
Terracotta Wedge 4
Terracotta Wedges
Thank you
Thank You
The Andalusia Fountain
The Queen's Bench {USA}n
The Tranquility Fountain with Birds
Thea Planter
Thistle Clock - French Iron
Thistle Clock Bronze
Thistle Urn - 10.25" Pair
Thistle Urn - 8.25" PAIR
Thistle Urn 10.25" Oxford White
Thorcroft Large Hurricane
Thorcroft Tall Hurricane
Three Angel Choir {USA}
Three Gift Trakes
Tic Tac Toe Games
To the Trade
Topiaries / Permanent Botanicals
Toulon Craft Pot {USA}n
Town & Country Coat Tree
Tranquility Pond Fountain
Tree of Life Bronze Tabletop Fountains with Pump
Tree Pot by Richard Hartlage
Trois Woven Arch Bench {USA}n
Tron Cao Pot Set of 3
Trumpet Urn With Stand (n)
Tudor Chalice Urn {USA}n
Tulip Switch Plate
Tulip Wall Decor
Turpentine Vase by Ryan Gainey
Turpentine Vase Large
Turtle Sculpture-Turtle Gifts
Tuscan Strawberry Jars Pair
Tuscany Olive Tree of Life bas relief
Tuscany Garden Planter Large {USA)n
Tuscany Olive Branch Urn {USA}
Twin Dolphin Fountain {USA} in Dover White
Two Songbirds Fountain
Uffizi Weave Urn Planter {USA}n
Umbra Finial (n)
Umbra Finial White (n)
Upper Saranac Faux Bois Log Table / Garden Seat
Urns & Pedestals
Venetian Cortile Wall Fountain {USA}
Venetian Urns Galvanized - Set of 2
Venetian Window Box
Venetian Window Box AEL
Venezia Della Rana (Frog) {USA}n
Venezia Weave Urn {USA}n
Veranda Fountain
Versailles Planter Box (n)
Vicolo Planters Set of 3
Vicolo Planters Set of 3 Classic Black
Victorian Flower Angel bas Relief
Victory Pedestal {USA}n
Villa Urn {USA}n
Ville de Carre Box Planter
Ville de Carre Box Planter Large
Ville de Carre Trough Planter
Ville de Carre Trough Planter Large
Vintage Angel Wall Cachepot
Vintage Angels Weave Wall Cachepot
Vintage Botanical Decorative Wall Piece{USA}
Vintage Botanical Studies Set of 4
Vintage Bourbon Bench {USA}n
Vintage Branch & Twig Bench {USA}n
Vintage Country Galvanized Seat/Table - Set of 2
Vintage Dedicated Golf Trophy Wall Clock
Vintage Dedicated Golf Trophy Wall Thermometer
Vintage Fern Bench {USA}n
Vintage Fern Chair {USA}n
Vintage Fleur Wall Cachepot
Vintage Heirloom Rabbit
Vintage Lattice Weave Bench
Vintage Lattice Weave Pedestal {USA}
Vintage Lattice Weave Pedestal, Pair
Vintage Lattice Weave Urn {USA}
Vintage Lattice Weave Urn Pair {USA}
Vintage Lattice Weave Urn w/Finial Lid
Vintage Lattice Weave Urn {USA}
Vintage Tulip Urn {USA}n
Vintage Tulip Urns Galvanized - Set of 2
Vintage Vermont Estate Urn {USA}n
Vintage Victorian Winged Cherub
Vintage Victory Urn
Vintage Weave Basket Planter
Vintage Weave Cherub Wall Cachepot
Vintage Weave Large Urn (n)
Vintage Weave Medium Urn (n)
Vintage Weave Planters Set of 3 (n)
Vintage Weave Wall Cachepot
Wakefield Handmade Anduze Manchette
Wakefield Handmade Anduze Manchette AT
Wakefield Handmade Anduze Manchette WA
Wakefield Handmade Double Fluted Bulb Pans -Set of 2
Wakefield Handmade Double Fluted Bulb Pans WA
Wakefield Handmade Dunbarton Pots - Set of 2
Wakefield Handmade Dunbarton Pots - Set of 2
Wakefield Handmade Festonee Vase
Wakefield Handmade Festonee Vase WA
Wakefield Handmade Festonee VaseAT
Wall Decor
Wall Decor
Wall Water Fountains - Architectural Bronze
Wall Water Fountains - Bronze Clematis Vine
Walnut Faux Bois Planter
Warehouse Sale
Welcome Sign ,Birds and Vines, a HenFeather`s original `NEW`
Welcome to HenFeathers.com - Enter the Site
Westfield Windsor Afternoon Tea Set
Westfield Windsor Bench {USA}n
Westfield Windsor Chair {USA}n
Westfield Windsor Cocktail Table {USA}n
Westfield Windsor Conversation Set
Westfield Windsor Dining Table {USA}n
Westfield Windsor Garden Furniture Collection
Whispering Angel
White Pine Wall Decor Plaque
Wickford Pedestal
Wickford Pedestal Matte Black
Wickford Urn Large
Wickford Urn Large Matte Black
Wickford Urn Tall
Wickford Urn Tall Matte Black
Wickshire Panel Planter Antique Natural Wood (n)
Wickshire Panel Planter Antique Noir (n)
Wickshire Panel Planter Antique Noir Large (n)
Wickshire Panel Planter Natural Wood Large(n)
Wickshire Panel Planter Pair Samples - Antique Natural Wood (n)
Wild Rose Wall Decor
Wild Rose Wall Decor Sample
Williamsburg Summer House Birdbath
Windy - Girl Holding Bird Bronze Garden Sculpture
Windy - Girl Holding Bird Bronze Garden Statue
Wine Country Oval Cooler {USA}n
Wine Country Oval Planter {USA}n
Wine Exposition Clock and Thermometer
Wine Harvest Wall Cachepot
Wine Tiles (Set of 2)
Winterthur Classic Wall Sundial {USA}
Winterthur Museum Classic Urn with Handles {USA}
Winterthur Rooster
Winterthur Rooster Vintage Blanc {USA}
Winterthur Rooster {USA}
Wire Candle Holder with Glass Hurricane
Wire Urn
Wise Old Gnome {USA}
Woven Arch Afternoon Garden Set
Woven Arch Armless Patio Chair 18" {USA}n
Woven Arch Bench {USA}n
Woven Arch Cocktail Table {USA}n
Woven Arch Garden Furniture Collection
Woven Arch Patio Chair {USA}n
Woven Arch Poolside Conversation Set
Woven Arch Square Patio Table 32" {USA}n
XDesign Visions, Page 2
Xian Jar Vase {USA}n
Xian Seat/Table
Xian Table
Yuma Bowl Planters Set of 3
Yuma Bowl Planters Set of 3 Eau de Nil
Yuma Bowl Planters Set of 3 Green Metallic
Yuma Bowl Planters Set of 3 Maple Red
Zen Oval Fountain
Zen Pebble Fountain
{USA} Antique American Iron Urn with 6"Plinth pedestal{ late 19th cent.}
{USA} Classic Magnolia Urn - Antique Dover White
{USA} Girls Dancing lost wax bronze
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