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Bronze Leaf Garland Amphorae Pair

Bronze Leaf Garland Amphorae Pair

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The Bronze Leaf Garland Amphorae are an extraordinary pair of large bronze urns in the amphora shape. Each urn features two elegant handles which curl down from below the egg and dart lip (rim) of the urn to rest on the shoulder on the bowl body. The neck features a beautiful detailed classic floral design amid a grape vine garland. A larger grape garland wraps around the bowl body below a dart design on the bowl shoulder. The urn rests on a tall flared patterned fillet which rests on a square base. The amphorae also feature finial lids which add to the height and elegance. It is extremely well done and it is quite arresting. Each amphora stands at a little over 4 feet in height and exhibit a tall elegant profile. The craftsmanship is extraordinary. Inspired by European garden artifacts these amphorae are a terrific focal point to any garden setting inside or outside. Perfectly suited to frame an entrance to a home or veranda, These urns are large enough to be the architectural highlight to frame a space outside or indoors in a foyer or formal setting.

The Bronze Leaf Garland Amphorae Pair is cast by the traditional, Lost Wax Bronze Casting method (links to a full description of the method). This labor intensive and time consuming method of casting bronze statues, ensure pristine quality and vivid detail. These amphorae feature intricate, hand forged details with a beautiful brown fire-applied patina.

Applying patina to bronze using the French method (fire and heat) is an age old traditional skill requiring expert craftsmanship. Each patina is hand applied and the patination result may vary making each sculpt unique. All bronze statuary will develop a natural patina when left in natures elements. The aged patina on bronzes is often desired, but can be prevented by care and cleaning of the bronze statue by applying beeswax or other polish to prevent a patina from forming.

The Bronze Leaf Garland Amphorae Pair is available in the Classic French Brown Bronze patina as shown.

20" D x 50" H (each)
Weight: 120 lbs (each)

NOTE: Freight Shipping included with this design.

Item# HFMSRB43054
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