1. Are these designs suitable for outdoor use?

    Yes, Hen-Feather Collection products are designed to go outdoors or indoors. While any design we make can be a welcome addition indoors, these products are all designed for use outside in gardens, on  terraces, decks, pools decks, potting sheds...and more!!

    The only pieces that we suggest that you prepare for winter are our fountains or any products that hold water. For these designs either turn them upside down to keep water from accumulating and freezing in the winter or just bring them under cover.

  2. Will these designs develop a patina over time?

    Our HFBC Coldcast is a real layer of Bronze, Copper or Pewter metal on a bonded stone and resin composite. These designs will develop a natural patina over time just as any bronze or copper metal might. Our fiberstone,bonded marble and fiberglass material will also develop a nice patina, moss etc.. when placed outdoors.

  3. 3. What type of batteries do your clocks use?

    All of our clocks use Alkaline AA batteries and will last approximately one year before needing to be replaced.

  4. Will the battery or the movement be damaged from being outdoors?

    Our clocks are made with the best movements in the industry. We cover our clock movements with a styrene casement for additional weather resistance.

  5. Will the hands on your clock rust?

    Our clock hands are made of solid aluminum which will not rust. We also make our hands of a special sheet metal versus the smaller gauge that other manufacturers might typically use, this ensures that Hen-Feathers’ clocks will last longer and stay beautiful season after season.

  6. I damaged the hands on my clock and I need a replacement, do you have them available?

    For any clock issues please call us at 610 649 4078

  7. Do you have a retail catalog?

    No, we do not have a retail catalog. Our collection is only available on our website or at a fine retailer near you. If you would like help locating a retailer please send us an e-mail with your address and we will get back to you.

  8. Where can I get a new pump for my fountain?

    You can either buy new pumps at a local nursery that carries pond supplies or call us at 610 649 4078 .

  9. How do I maintain my fountain?

    Most importantly watch the water level. Periodically replenish any water that has evaporated. For outdoor fountains be sure to remove any leaves or debris that might clog the intake of water into the pump. Empty the water from the fountain for the winter if it is outdoors. If possible turn the fountain over to make sure ice and snow do not accumulate in the fountain. For indoor fountains make sure water flow is low enough that water is not spraying over the fountain edge.

  10. I have damaged my Hen-Feathers’ design, can I repair it?

    The best way to repair any cracks or attach broken pieces  is to buy marine epoxy (available in black or white) and simply put it over the crack or use it like glue to attach a piece that has broken off. Marine epoxy can be found at general hardware stores, Lowes, Home Depot etc.

  11. I broke my favorite Hen-Feathers design that I have had for years, can I replace it?

    The designs that we have on line are the only designs available at this time. We do however reintroduce some classic Hen-Feather designs from time to time. If you signed up for our e-mailing list you will be notified as new designs are introduced. You can also send us a note letting us know which design you are looking for. We always like to know which pieces are in demand.

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