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Impruneta Terra Cotta - The Seibert & Rice Collection

IDEA! Exquisite heirloom herb planters for indoors! The Finest Terracotta in the World!

In the hills of Tuscany lies the small town of Impruneta. There, for hundreds of years, artisans have produced the most spectacular terracotta in the world. In fact, the great renaissance artist who built Florence's magnificent Duomo demanded genuine Impruneta terracotta for its crown. Today, the Impruneta Collection, the absolute finest Terracotta, is handmade by the most talented artisans in Impruneta, Italy. Each pot, a masterpiece, heirloom quality terracotta that increases in value over time. Made with the unique clay of Impruneta, high fired in Kilns, they turn the magnificent soft warm pink hues of the Tuscan sun.

FROST PROOF: to -20 degrees Fahrenheit The unique chemical composition of the soil in Impruneta, high in iron and other chemicals, combined with the long and high temperature firing process, makes this the most durable terra cotta in the world.

NOTE: It is essential that your pots have good drainage. Pots must be elevated an inch or so off the ground. You can use the pot feet below in the collection or carefully place pieces of wood, bricks, or hockey pucks under the pots to act as feet. Make sure the drainage holes do not become blocked. It is extremely advisable to place a curved pot shard over the hole before filling the pot to help keep the hole from getting blocked, and check every few years to rotate the plant and be sure the drainage holes are clear. Also, make sure your soil is not too compact and that the water can run out. It is better to leave soil in the pots than to leave the pots empty. For more details about the Impruneta Terracotta Collection email us at "Contact Us" at the bottom of this page, or call HenFeathers 610 649 4078.

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