Turpentine Vase by Ryan Gainey

Turpentine Vase by Ryan Gainey

The Turpentine Vases are from the American Terracotta Collection and are designed by top American talent and handmade in Impruneta. The American Collection marries the highest standards in American style and European quality. These beautiful pots are handmade in the original molds. Each work is expertly finished by today?s brilliant craftsmen using fine tools and requiring enormous skill and patience. These planters are distinguished by its splendid pine cones and needles motif relief and clean lines. The exquisite handmade beauty is unsurpassable, an Heirloom. Available in two sizes.

Gardener, designer, author, showman. Anyone who has ever met Ryan Gainey will never forget him. He is an internationally renowned and award-winning garden designer and has designed an extensive and beautiful collection of home and garden accessories. Ryan draws his inspiration for all of his work from nature. So, in designing these pots for us, he incorporated natural elements from his southern surroundings ? pinecones and pine needles; acorns and oak leaves.

IDEA!! The Turpentine Vase is an exquisite heirloom herb planter for indoors!

Size Our Price Sale Price Qty
10" x 9.5" H x 8"ID
19.5" x 19"H x 16.5"ID
$880.00 $792.00

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