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Steel Tall Cube Planters -Set of 2

Steel Tall Cube Planters -Set of 2

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The Steel Tall Cube Planters are sleek modern additions to the HenFeathers Collection of estate planters, urns and fountains. The Steel Tall Cube Planters are characterized by a simple, very clean design and each planter features a drain. The set consists of two sized planter boxes: 22" square and a 26.5" cube. Both are very attractive and with their minimalist design will look great just about anywhere. Use 2 together to make a beautiful two tier presentation. Plant with greens, small shrubs, and florals.

The Steel Tall Cube Planters set has a sibling set, The Steel Cube Planters - Set of 2 (see below), which is exactly the same as this set, but a bit shorter. Mixing and matching the two sets will make very attractive arrangements.

Meticulously fabricated in extremely durable steel sheet that will survive the elements. Guaranteed outdoor durability. The steel is strong, but, quite light in weight for metal planters. Available in the finish as shown above. Make your finish selection with the finish options list in the line of the size choice.

Set Details
Medium Large
17.25" x 28.5" H
Base: 21.25"
Weight: 40 lbs.
22" Sq. x 35" H
Base: 28.25"
Weight: 60 lbs.
Set of 2 Weight: 100 lbs.

Note: Free Truck Freight Shipping included with this set of 2 planters.

Item# HFC6990-9602
Sale price:

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