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Jeffersonian Kinetic Wind Vane

Jeffersonian Kinetic Wind Vane

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The Jeffersonian Kinetic Wind Vane is inspired by Thomas Jefferson's affinity for invention, this finely balanced wind vane will add movement and elegance to any garden. Young and old alike will enjoy watching the beautiful aluminum cups gently sweep around this two-toned Kinetic Wind Vane. Based on the design of a 19th century centrifugal regulator, as the wind increases, the hinged joints allow the aluminum arms to rise and in doing so, the brass finials of each arm will point to the relative wind speed depicted in timeless illustrations on the solid brass arrow below. At the same time, the brass arrow will gently turn to face the direction of the wind. This quality construction comes with a lifetime guarantee!

Indicates wind speed and direction.
Adds movement and elegance to any garden
Designed in Vermont, manufactured to the highest quality.
Durable, attractive finish; won't peel, flake, or rust (patinas with age)
Solid brass and aluminum construction with glass accents
Deck & Ground Mount included
Finish: Living Finish Brass

12.5" Wide x 42" High

Sale price:

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