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Bronze 4 Lovebirds Birdbath Bowl

Bronze 4 Lovebirds Birdbath Bowl

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Our Bronze 4 Lovebirds Birdbath Bowl is simply elegant. The bowl has two exquisite handles upon which perch a pair of lovebirds. From the bottom of the handles a pair of leaves gracefully hang. The bowl features intricate, hand forged garland surrounds and sits on a round short pedestal base. The Bronze 4 Lovebirds Birdbath Bowl is also versatile and while we say birdbath in the name, use as planter for succulents, florals or greens (no drain hole), or by itself as an extremely attractive decorative object. Use indoors or outside.

If used as a birdbath, It is recommended filling the bowl with pebbles so as to have an effective depth of 1" to 2" from the rim of the bowl rim.

TheBronze 4 Lovebirds Birdbath Bowl is cast by the traditional, Lost Wax Bronze Casting method (links to a full description of the method). This labor intensive and time consuming method of casting bronze statues, ensures pristine quality and vivid detail. This Bronze 4 Lovebirds Birdbath Bowl features intricate, hand forged details with a beautiful Classic French Brown Bronze patina.

Applying patina to bronze using the French method (fire and heat) is an age old traditional skill requiring expert craftsmanship. Each patina is hand applied and the patination result may vary making each sculpt unique. All bronze statuary will develop a natural patina when left in natures elements. The aged patina on bronzes is often desired, but can be prevented by care and cleaning of the bronze statue by applying beeswax or other polish to prevent a aging patina from forming.

24" W with handles
19" dia.
11" H
40 lbs.

Item# HFMSRB052525
Sale price:

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