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Decor Visions

HenFeathers Home & Garden Decor Design Visions

Urns Add Majesty to your Home & Garden Entranceways
Frame your entranceways with our urns.
HenFeathers original graceful Ribbon Urn shown as a pair framing an entrance using ferns summer feel and another pair showing the more traditional spiral topiary. Another popular idea is to use round ball topiary. The ribbon urn is an unique alternative to more traditional fluted urns.

Ribbon Urn

Secret Garden Nook

Create your own secret garden.
HenFeathers original design: Nature Garden Angel with Birds Garden Sculpture on a HenFeathers Doric Pedestal framed by a natural alcove in one of our holly trees. A beautiful highlight in a secret nook of the HenFeathers Gardens.

Make a sideboard the center of your outdoor and indoor rooms.

Our Topiary Urns make a statement on virtually any style sideboard or mantle. Here we?re showing a pair of urns with two styles of topiary that add a casual formality to a simple sideboard.
The idea works virtually anywhere; a fireplace
mantle or even outdoors in a patio setting.
Make a stronger statement by adding an architectural element. Our Gothic Architectural Arch wall piece is a home and garden Architectural element that becomes the focal point of any environment.

Set the table with the HenFeathers Swan Centerpiece

The focal point of any dining table is the centerpiece. The HenFeathers Swan Centerpiece is a stunning highlight of the home dining experience.
Reproducing the grace and beauty of nature?s most elegant bird, our Swan graces the table, but doesn’t interfere. It?s low enough to see across and can be filled with the season?s flowers to be perfect the year round. For the Downton Abbey table use two or even three.

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