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Sea Grass Vase - Moss Green

Sea Grass Vase - Moss Green

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The Sea Grass Vases are made by a group of elderly women who live at the border of Burma and Thailand. The black terracotta has a moss green glazing covering it and pits in the surface creating a stunning textured patina. The result is that the decorative vase feels as if it has been reclaimed from a coral reef after having spent years in the deep sea. All ruffles on these vases are done by hand in the pinch method, which is a very painstaking and delicate process. The craftsmanship is just amazing. These exquisite vases are for indoor use and will create a wonderful ocean ambience in the living areas of the home. Works of art on their own, but also beautiful filled with floral arrangements. Perfect for the Beach house, but outstanding almost anywhere.

Thes vases are available in three sizes: tall, medium and small. All three have the same approximate diameter and just differ in height, the tallest standing about 2 feet in height.

Finish: Moss Green
Materials: Ceramic
Floor Protection: Felt
Tall Medium Small
24" H x 8.5" Dia.
Weight: 27 lbs.
14" H x 8.5" Dia.
Weight: 17 lbs.
10" H x 8.5" Dia.
Weight: 12 lbs.
SizePriceColor Qty
Sea Grass Vase
Moss Green
Sea Grass Vase
Moss Green
Sea Grass Vase
Moss Green

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