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Design Visions 1

HenFeathers Home & Garden Decor
Design Visions

Inspiration: Chanticleer Gardens - Pond gardens in the Fall

One of the Lily Ponds at Chanticleer
In the HenFeathers Collection, many of our designs are inspired by nature and what's more natural than to have these themes grace your gardens, outdoor rooms, decks or inside spaces.
One of our favorite motifs is the lily pad and a recent visit to Chanticleer Gardens and viewing the beautiful lily ponds has rekindled that inspiration. Chanticleer has created some of the most romantic, imaginative and exciting public gardens in America on a country estate in Wayne, Pa.

The Chanticleer Pond Gardens
Spending a day in the Chanticleer gardens is like a return to Eden. Plus the Chanticleer staff members are just wonderful!

Visit the Chanticleer Gardens in Wayne, Pa.
A few HenFeathers Lily Pad inspired designs: See the entire collection

Lily Pad Wall Decor {USA}

Lily Pad Clock & Thermometer Set

Lily Pad Fountain/Birdbath {USA}

Lily Pad Table / Seat / Pedestal {USA}

Make a statement! The design impact of wall decor groupings, Outdoors and Indoors!!
Our original plaques and tiles wall art are terrific and have made our wall decor category one of our most popular.

But, many of our best sellers are complimentary and have a greater impact when displayed as a group. Take our nautical shell tiles for example. Each one is a beautiful study of a seashell in a real coldcast Bronze. Displayed individually, each is a wonderful embellishment to an outdoor or indoor room's design, but displayed as a group, they define the space and give it character.

In the HenFeathers Wall Decor Collection we have many of these natural groupings so we

Botanical Triptych Plaques

Above vertical arrangement:
decided to take some of our most popular and create motif sets that sell at a special group price. The nautical shells set, the pine needle studies set, and the fruit study tiles are some examples. Some of them are shown here, but the complete selection is in our Decorative Accessories section.

These groupings look great displayed in any number of ways; horizontally along the broad wall of a space, vertically on the narrow (and tall) side or to define an area edge, or staggered diagonally.

Have fun creating your own unique design.

Above in horizontal arrangement:
Nautical Shell Study Plaques Set of 3
Variations on a theme:

Some exciting arrangement ideas for our
HenFeathers Botanical Studies Plaques Set of 4

Life sculptures, joy that entertains the eye
America's gardens, lawns and patios have long enjoyed a tradition of decorative sculptures that have ranged from the serious piece of traditional art to the whimsical. HenFeathers' garden sculptures have long been regarded as some of the best and the HenFeathers Collection, a celebration of nature, has become one of the most popular in the country.

Our love of sculpture is not confined to the statues alone. Many of our most popular fountains, planters and wall decor are sculptural works of art in their own right.

In the HenFeathers Sculpture Collection two of our favorite motifs are children and animals. In a few of our sculptures we manage to combine both and have fun at the same time.

A case in point is our "Child Playing With Mr. Leapy Frog" garden statue.

"BIG" Frog

Child Playing With Mr. Leapy Frog {USA}

One day a while back one of our main designers saw his young son playing with a frog (maybe it was a toad) in the yard. He just happend to have a camera. The rest, as is said, is history and the result was that today we have one our most charming and popular sculptures in our collection, a HenFeathers favorite. You just can't resist the charm and joy of a young child surprised by nature.

Another is our Big Frog. A terrific sculpture lovingly created by one of our best artists and again, one of our most popular; certainly with children as you can see here. A mother frog tending her children that is both cute and eye-catching, perfect for a garden or lawn. HenFeathers sculptures are hand cast and finished in the finest materials.

Nature Inspires Us

Rose Decorative Bas Relief {USA}

Lily Study Medium Wall Decor

Poppy Wall Decor

At HenFeathers, our muse is in our love of nature. Our inspirations are found in the beauty of our gardens, the majesty of our landscapes and in the grace of the life that fills them.
We hold these things with delight and we strive to reproduce them.
Our artists endeavor to make HenFeathers designs works of art that, faithful to nature, will enhance the beauty of your rooms without a roof or adorn your indoor garden living spaces.

Create a secret water feature in a natural alcove in your landscape.

Classic Clam Shell Garden Fountain {USA}

Clematis Vine Garden Wall Fountain {USA}

Fleur de Lis Water Lily Pad Fountain - Fountains {USA}
"Tranquil elegance with the sound of soothing fountains, garden sculptures entertain the eye, classic urns and planters add stately pleasure..." E.S.

Make a wish! HenFeathers Fleur de Lis Fountain - pond framed in a natural alcove of American boxwood, azalea and English Ivy. A beautiful highlight in a secret nook in the HenFeathers gardens.
A beautiful serenity Henfeathers water fountain - the classic Fleur De Lis outdoor garden fountain and pond has Fleur De Lis details.
The sound of the water from this fountain is wonderful and soothing! Deep enough for small water lilies and other water plants.
And it?s extremely easy to set in place with it?s recirculating pump. No piping or special installation required.

Container gardening sets the border of your terrace, patio or deck.
Use elegant HenFeathers containers to define garden beds, patio borders, terraces or decks. Strategic placement of planter containers and urns with flowering plants, ferns and trees add dimension, variety and emphasis to your ?Rooms without a Roof?, gardens and pathways.

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Oak Leaf Footed Planter {USA}

Use the HenFeathers Classic Winterthur Urn to define your "Rooms without a Roof."

HenFeathers' Winterthur Museum Classic Urn with Handles is a licensed faithful reproduction from the original urn found in the collection of the Winterthur Museum and Garden in Winterthur, Delaware. Shown here on a garden wall next to the main house at the Winterthur Museum. Hand cast and finished with the finest materials by skilled craftsmen in our USA foundry. The perfect urn to cap a wall or column as a finial or planter in your garden, patio or entrance drive, a garden design statement that works planted or unplanted.

Winterthur Museum Classic Urn with Handles {USA}

Urns Add Majesty to your Home & Garden Entranceways

Frame your entranceways with our urns.
HenFeathers original graceful Ribbon Urn shown as a pair framing an entrance using ferns summer feel and another pair showing the more traditional spiral topiary. Another popular idea is to use round ball topiary. The ribbon urn is an unique alternative to more traditional fluted urns.

Ribbon Urn

Secret Garden Nook

Create your own secret garden.
HenFeathers original design: Nature Garden Angel with Birds Garden Sculpture on a HenFeathers Doric Pedestal framed by a natural alcove in one of our holly trees. A beautiful highlight in a secret nook of the HenFeathers Gardens.

Nature Angel with Birds {USA}

Nature Angel with Birds {USA}

Doric Pedestal {USA}

Make a sideboard the center of your outdoor and indoor rooms.

Our Topiary Urns make a statement on virtually any style sideboard or mantle. Here we?re showing a pair of urns with two styles of topiary that add a casual formality to a simple sideboard.
The idea works virtually anywhere; a fireplace
mantle or even outdoors in a patio setting.
Make a stronger statement by adding an architectural element. Our Gothic Architectural Arch wall piece is a home and garden Architectural element that becomes the focal point of any environment.

Set the table with the HenFeathers Swan Centerpiece

The focal point of any dining table is the centerpiece. The HenFeathers Swan Centerpiece is a stunning highlight of the home dining experience.
Reproducing the grace and beauty of nature’s most elegant bird, our Swan graces the table, but doesn’t interfere. It?s low enough to see across and can be filled with the season?s flowers to be perfect the year round. For the Downton Abbey table use two or even three.

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