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Symi Planters - Set of 3

Symi Planters - Set of 3

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The Symi Planters are extremely attractive pots accented with a rich multi layered glaze patinas over a raised dappled pattern. These pots are available as a Set of 3; large at 19" diameter, medium at 14" diameter and a small at 11". Together they make a beautiful tiered arrangement and are perfect for poolside, verandas, patio corners and practically any indoor/outdoor garden setting.Use them togerther in a grouping of two or individually, either presentation makes a special statement. Use them to define a walkway or entrance or as a divider in a larger setting. Meticulously hand made and hand finished in high fired terra cotta, they are durable and frost-resistant.

Our glazed and terra cotta pottery is high fired between 990° C (1815° F) (terra cotta) and 1000° C (1832°F) (glaze) degrees centigrade to ensure frost resistance and durability. Due to the processes used in the manufacturing of our hand-made and hand-glazed containers, all variations with respect to firing, color, size and crackling are natural occurrences in the manufacturing process. The glazes on our containers consist of natural, not chemical, components and therefore the final color of the product will vary. This process creates the unique beauty of each piece.

Note: While the high firing temperature and quality of our glazed and terra cotta containers results in a durable and frost-resistant product, we still recommend that they be stored in a frost-free covered area in winter. If left outside, water may accumulate in the container and freeze, causing the planter to crack and break. Planters that must be left outside should be covered to prevent water, snow and ice from accumulating inside the planter.

Size Details
Set Weight: 79 lbs
Large Medium Small
19" W x 15.25" H
Base: 8.75" Dia
Inside Top: 15" Dia
Inside Bottom: 7" Dia
Inside Height: 14.75" Dia
Weight: 40 lbs.
14.25" W x 13" H
Base: 7.5" Dia
Inside Top: 10.5" Dia
Inside Bottom: 5" Dia
Inside Height: 12.75" Dia
Weight: 22 lbs.
10.75" W x 9.25" H
Base: 5.5" Dia
Inside Top: 6.75" Dia
Inside Bottom: 4" Dia
Inside Height: 8.75" Dia
Weight: 12 lbs.

These sets of beautiful pots are available in seven finishes as shown in the chart below. It's a tough choice, they are all spectacular finishes, guaranteed to catch the eye and be focal point of any setting. Specify your choice in the list below.

Angkor Blue Angkor Red Angkor Grey Angkor Green Mist
Sahara Starry Night Beachcomber Grey Mist Specify your choice in the list below.

NOTE: Freight Shipping included with these designs.

SizePriceColor Qty
Symi Planters - SO3
Angkor Blue
Symi Planters
Angkor Red
Symi Planters - SO3
Angkor Grey
Symi Planters - Set of 3
Angkor Green Mist
Symi Planters - SO3
Symi Planters - SO3
Starry Night
Symi Planters - SO3
Beachcomber Grey Mist

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