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How to Decorate with Fine Planters without Plantings

How to Decorate with Fine Planters without Plantings

When you think of planters and urns you automatically think of large bouquets of eye-catching flowers and focal point greenery. However, decorative planters by design alone can be décor or be used in other ways to dress up a space indoors and out. Take faux bois planters for example. These planters bring you the best of two worlds – you get the look of hand-carved natural wooden pieces through artfully designed concrete. The diverse uses of urns and planters can result in unique accent pieces throughout a property.

Five Creative Ways To Use Fine Planters And Urns

1 – Pure Décor

From high bas relief, fine ornamental detail, classic shapes to sleek contemporary design, why put anything in a beautiful planter or urn when they already have so much personality? Alongside an outdoor seating area, near a fireplace, or enhancing the entryway of a home, some planters can stand out just by standing alone.

2 – Create Furnishings

Want a quick and easy way to convert a beautiful planter or statuesque urn into a conversation piece? Simply put a piece of glass or plexiglass across the top, and voila – instant side table. Consider filling the planter or urn with unique materials which would be visible through the top, for a more individualized effect.

3 – Umbrella Stand

Who said utilitarian pieces couldn’t coordinate with the style of your home? Some taller, more sturdy planters can be put to use in more practical ways – such as an umbrella stand. Having one by your door makes an inviting place to store umbrellas, canes, and other similar items.

4 – Outdoor Towel Holder

Again, putting décor to work for you. Have a pool or outdoor relaxation area? Perhaps you do yoga or meditation in the garden? Select a nautical planter or complementing urn to hold your towels, mats, and other accessories while enhancing the style of your environment.

5 – Defining Spaces

For some, wide open property makes it difficult to stylize a space. Using special urns and planters as a border can help define, for example, conversation areas versus dining areas. Whether alone or filled with large branches, it can easily frame out spaces to create the illusion of different rooms indoors and out.

HenFeathers: The Online Emporium for Fine Original Planters & Urns

HenFeathers is the purveyor of fine indoor and outdoor furnishings. Our collections and designs appeal to a distinctive buyer, as well as interior and exterior designers with a high-end clientele. We specialize in furnishings such as delightful sculptures, tranquil fountains, beautiful planters and pots, unique clocks and artful wall pieces, faux bois, garden benches, seats, and tables. Inspired by nature, unique architecture, and European antiquities, HenFeathers brings a world of culture, conversation, and whimsy, to every garden and outdoor living space.

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