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Aphros Blue Bulb Vase

Aphros Blue Bulb Vase

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The Aphros Blue Bulb Vases are wonderful additions to our line of Aphros Blue Vases. Aphros is the Greek word for sea foam and is also the root word of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty. Her name literally means "from the foam". Our Aphros Blue vases are inspired by that beauty.

In a clever use of enameled iron, this lightweight, abstracted azure beauty is painted by hand in a deep blue palette taken directly from the Aegean World. Simple elegance defined. The finish is just amazing.

These exquisite vases are for indoor use and will create a wonderful ocean ambience in the living areas of the home. Works of art on their own, but also beautiful with an orchid or rose. Perfect for the Beach house, but outstanding almost anywhere.

The Aphros Blue Bulb Vases are available in three sizes: tall, which stands over 21" tall, a medium size which is slightly over 18" in height and finally the petite which is a foot in every dimension. Each size has a slightly different profile, but, they are all gorgeous. Use individually or two or three sizes in a group setting for an attractive multi-tiered vignette.

Size Details

Finish: Blue
Materials: Enameled Iron

Tall Medium Petite
12" x 12" x 21.25" H 14.5" x 14.5" x 18.25" H 12" x 12" x 12" H

SizePriceColor Qty
Aphros Blue Bulb Vase
Aphros Blue Bulb Vase
Aphros Blue Bulb Vase

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