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Ming Lion Left Facing

Ming Lion Left Facing

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Our Ming Lions sculptures are an interesting, exquisitely sculpted smaller versions of our Imperial Chinese Guardian Lions. This one has its left paw raised and companion sculpt has the right paw up. They each stand about 18" tall (versus 3' for our Imperial Guardian Lions) and has a wonderful stylized Chinese motif.

Chinese or Imperial guardian lions are a traditional Chinese architectural ornament. They are also known as stone lions or shishi. They are informally known in colloquial English as lion dogs or Foo dogs. The guardian lion is the bringer of good luck and the protector from evil spirits. It was in the Ming and Qing dynasties, that the imagery associated with the guardian lions settled down into its current form with two lions, one male, one female, flanking the entranceway to the premises they protect.

The symbolism of the lions begins with their gender, one male, one female, reflective of the Chinese tradition of the yin and the yang, familiar in the west as the white and black 'tadpole' forms intertwined with their opposite-shaded eye. The male lion, symbolic of the Yang, usually has one paw placed upon a ball. It may come as some surprise to know that the ball is actually supposed to be embroidered and not, as may be expected, representative of some weapon or other masculine accessory.

As the male lion is representative of the male attributes of yang, so the female is representative of the female power of yin. As the tendency is for the male lion to have his mouth open, so the female is often represented with her mouth closed. She is no less fearsome than her male counterpart in the representation of her guardianship. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine a creature more fearsome than a lioness protecting her cubs.

This sculpt will become the conversational or a statement piece in your garden or home. Matched with its companion right facing Ming Lion to frame an entrance or garden path they will make a grand statement and bring harmony and protection to your garden and home.

Hand cast and finished in the USA in fiberstone. Guaranteed outdoor durability. Shown here in Verde finish, but, is available in all the finishes shown below. Color finishes are hand applied and may vary making each piece unique.

8" W x 9" D x 18" H

*Information credit to the website "China's Stone Lions."
SizePriceColor Qty
Ming Lion Left Facing
Ming Lion Right Facing
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White Moss (WHM) Cathedral Stone (CAT) Sandstone (SAN)
Earthtone (EAT)

Stone (WEA)
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Pompeii (POM) Devon Lead (DB) Antique Stone (AS)
Tuscan Rust (RU)

Iron Black (FB)
Classic White (FW)
Antique Bronze (IR) Terra Umbria (AUT) Sea Washed Stone (DPS) Sussex Stone (COL) Slate Stone (SMO) Trafalgar Stone (SOT)

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