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Cloche Terrace Wide Planter

Cloche Terrace Wide Planter

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The Cloche Terrace Wide Planters are very attractive small tabletop pot planter with a clean contemporary design. These planters are perfect for a wide variety of plantings from succulents, herbs and spices to florals like lilies or roses. They will look good just about anywhere. The Cloche Terrace Wide Planter is a terrific design statement that is understated but very attractive. Use in any setting, indoors or outside, but is a wonderful element on a ledge, in a window sill or in a veranda corner. Also extremely attractive as a grouping in a tiered arrangement with the other planters in the Cloche Planters family.

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The Cloche Planter group includes the larger sized Cloche Planters (shown below), the Small and Petite Cloche Terrace Planters (shown below), and the Cloche Terrace Wide Planters featured here. They all are available in the Brown, Charcoal and Grey finishes.

Meticulously hand cast in Lightweight Concrete with a hand finished patina. This material is extremely durable, but, also lightweight. Guaranteed outdoor durability.

The Cloche Terrace Wide Planters are available in three finishes: Brown, Charcoal and Grey. Make your finish choice by selecting its line in the list below. Finishes are hand applied and may vary, making each piece unique.

Size Details
Brown Charcoal Grey
8.25" Dia. x 6" H
Base: 6.5" Dia.
Interior Top: 7.25" Dia.
Interior Bottom: 5.5" Dia..
Interior Height: 5.75"
Weight: 4 lbs.
SizePriceColor Qty
Cloche Terrace Wide Planter
Cloche Terrace Wide Planter
Cloche Terrace Wide Planter

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