Hampton Oyster Shell Small Faux Bois Birdbath

Hampton Oyster Shell Small Faux Bois Birdbath

We’ve made our lovely Hampton Oyster Shell Faux Bois Birdbath in several sizes for those who have smaller gardens or want to bring them indoors as vessels or accessories. The Hampton Oyster Shell Small Birdbath combines uncommon materials into a whimsical design to transform the humble oyster shell and unrefined concrete into an art piece just like the full- sized birdbath does. All of the Hampton Oyster Shell Birdbaths are created in the Faux Bois tradition by artisans who hand-apply the concrete over a metal frame and then sculpt it into its final appearance. Designed as the perfect bath for small birds, this oyster shell design is a magnificent highlight in any outdoor settings, a special focal point. Hand cast and hand finished in Oyster Shells, concrete and steel. Although the Hampton Oyster Shell Birdbaths are made of concrete, its design is nothing short of sublime.

14" H x 13.5" Dia

Due to the hand-crafted nature and materials of this concrete furniture it is normal that color, finish and texture may vary from item to item, much like an aged fine antique. Small cracks and an "aged or worn" look are inherent characteristics and are part of the charm and desirability of this item. If these are not desirable features for your tastes and sensibilities please consider purchasing another item. Thank You

Item# HFC1200-0052
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