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The Many Benefits of Gardening

The Many Benefits of Gardening

With Gardening, Improve Your:

  1. Body
  2. Mind
  3. Nutrition/Health
  4. Home Improvement
  5. Lifestyle

Gardening can be enjoyable and provide you with fresh flowers, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and beautiful spaces, but the benefits donít stop there.

Other great results can be:

  • boosts to physical and mental health
  • increasing social connections
  • and improve the environment, your special space

Of course, exposure to sunlight and fresh air are good for developing more Vitamin D, as well as a cheerful outlook on life. Read more from HenFeathers Blog.

1. Good for the Body

Depending on the type of gardening you do, the exercise it provides may or may not be aerobic, but regardless, there will be health benefits. The American Journal of Public Health notes a study of people who participated in community gardens finding that the gardeners had significantly lower body mass indexes (BMI) than their neighbors and family members. Studies of multiple gardening tasks found that they can provide aerobic exercise, as well as strengthen muscles. Another study found that people who have more non-exercise physical activity, such as gardening, had decreased risks of heart attack and stroke. And then you can relax and enjoy the beautiful garden and patios that you have helped to create!

2. Good for the Mind

A study of seniors recruited to work at low to moderate intensity in a community garden for short periods of time found that brain nerve growth factors related to memory were increased in those who participated in gardening activities. AgriLife Today points out that gardening can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Some addiction treatment programs incorporate gardening and have found it to be helpful to patients in recovery. Repetitive, steady motions, such as weeding or digging, can calm the fight, flight, or freeze stress responses, which, if chronic, lead to serious health issues. Certain bacteria in the soil can contribute to the production of serotonin, which makes a person feel more relaxed and happy. So leave the gardening gloves off at least some of the time!

3. Good for Health & Nutrition

Gardening can definitely help you to eat in a healthy way. If you choose to make your garden organic, youíll know you arenít ingesting pesticides or commercial fertilizers. You might discover new vegetables that you like are among those easiest to grow. If you grow herbs, you may find that a sprig of mint in your mineral water is a lot more appealing than a sugary soft drink. If your efforts produce more than you can eat or give away, you can freeze many vegetables to enjoy later when the growing season is over. Gardening encourages you to make healthier food choices, as youíll probably be excited to snack on the strawberries you grew yourself or your homegrown tomatoes.

4. Great Home Improvement! & Beauty

Starting a garden is not only a great way to enjoy fresh, home-grown produce, and beautiful flowers, but it can also be a valuable investment for your property. A well-maintained garden can add curb appeal and increase the overall value of a property. Homebuyers are often attracted to properties that include outdoor spaces, and beautiful gardens, patios, and pathways can be a major selling point. Additionally, a garden can serve as an extension of your home, providing a peaceful retreat for relaxation and entertainment. Add the tranquility of a fountain, the architecture of an urn or a bench to sit and relax in the garden. Even small gardens can be a valuable addition to a property and can be low maintenance with proper planning and care.

5. Good for a Great Lifestyle

Gardening can be a outlet for creativity and a great place to make or build connections with family, friends, and neighbors. If you participate in a community garden, garden club, share tips with friends youíll meet more people and no doubt learn things from each other. If you have a garden, at the end of a long workday, youíre more likely to be active, even if itís just twenty minutes of weeding or watering. And every green thing that you grow helps in a small way to improve the environment, so you help the community, too. Youíll probably save money by growing your own vegetables, fruits, herbs, or even flowers. You could even grow medicinal herbs if youíre interested in a healing garden.

-Garden Anywhere with Beautiful Container Gardening

Regardless of your space, there is probably some way you can enjoy gardening, whether itís a few tomatoes in a special container on your balcony, a backyard berry patch, a big community garden, or a beautiful box planter on the windowsill in your kitchen where you grow herbs. It has long been known that time spent outdoors can boost physical and mental health, and spending that time gardening brings even more benefits. And who knows? When itís time to sell your home, your garden could be the thing that makes it the most appealing to potential buyers.

Gardening can be beneficial in so many ways. Itís impossible to include them all in one brief article. But we highlighted some of the most important here! Don't forget to relax and enjoy your creation!

HenFeathers.com offers an array of outdoor furniture, planters, urns, fountains, and other elements to make your outdoor space superb. Explore our website to learn more.

Thanks to Breathewell.Info for writing this article and taking the time to compile.


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