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4-handle Jar - Sandblasted

4-handle Jar - Sandblasted

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Our 4-handle Jar - Sandblasted is traditional terra cotta urn given added textural interest with a sandblasting technique. This large urn stands about 3 1/4 feet tall and has an ancient Mediterranean vibe but with a bit of Asian influence with those 4 handles around the top of the vase. The urn features a heavy bull nose rim at the top. The total effect is just stunning. Plant with reeds, tall grasses, or ivies or leave unplanted. Striking either way.

The 4-handle Jarís is a glazed terra cotta planter hand made from natural clay using traditional artisanal techniques and high-fired at temperatures between 990-1000 degrees centigrade to ensure frost resistance and durability. Glazed planters are coated with natural glazing elements that are baked onto the surface to enhance the products resistance to weathering. Since the color finishes are hand applied and the sandblasting is also hand applied the final finish may vary making each piece unique. All variations with respect to firing, color, size and crackling are natural occurrences in the manufacturing process. Color tones range from buff to burnt Sienna. Call HenFeathers at 610.649.4078 or contact us using link at the bottom of the page for more information.

Note: While the high firing temperature and quality of our glazed and terra cotta containers results in a durable and frost-resistant product, we still recommend that they be stored in a frost-free covered area in winter. If left outside, water may accumulate in the container and freeze, causing the planter to crack and break. Planters that must be left outside should be covered to prevent water, snow and ice from accumulating inside the planter.

25.5" Dia. x 39.5" H
Inside Planting Dimensions: 13" Dia. x 39" H
Base: 14.25" Dia.
Weight: 205 lbs (approx.)

Item# HFC316342-2001

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