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Classic Sculpted 48" Preserved Bonsai

Classic Sculpted 48" Preserved Bonsai

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Bonsai is a japanese art form using a miniature tree grown in containers. The ultimate goal of bonsai is to create a representation of nature.

Each Classic Sculpted 48" Preserved Bonsai is truly a spectacular work of art ready to enhance any decor. Carefully preserved juniper and grape wood are used to create these beautiful and very realistic classic bonsai. Each live juniper is manicured to maturity and then preserved without harsh chemicals. It takes real artisan hand work to create the perfect bonsai canopies. Natural grape wood is used to form the special trunks. The naturally grown wood gives the forms and shapes to each preserved bonsai tree. The Classic Sculpted 48" Preserved Bonsai appears to have taken many years of attentive nurturing and manicuring to achieve its serenely beautiful form.

Each Classic Sculpted 48" Preserved Bonsai will be slightly unique in actual design, shape, and colors because no two pieces of wood or preserved canopy are ever exactly the same. Designers hand select the ultimate bonsai shapes to create each preserved bonsai creation.

The Classic Sculpted 48" Preserved Bonsai measures approximately 48" tall with the included antique wash bucket and approximately 24" wide. Ground cover is real gravel and mood moss. All components are permanently mounted in the antique vintage wash bucket.

The antique vintagewash bucket shown is included with this bonsai.

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