Garden Scroll Bench (n)
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Garden Scroll Bench (n)


Sale Price: $1,339.05

The HenFeathers Collection also offers neoclassic beautiful English and French garden furniture designs artfully formed in the Faux Bois method. Neoclassical details, the scroll arms make The elegant Garden Scroll bench a timeless addition to any outdoor, garden or interior space. *NOTE: White Glove Freight Shipping is included in the price for the Faux Bois furniture. NOTE: In the case of larger furniture designs there is an additional Freight/Truck charge based upon your location. For more details about our Faux Bois furniture Collection please email us at "Contact Us" at the bottom of this page, or call HenFeathers 610 649 4078.

26"H X 21"D X 60"W

Item weight: 198 lbs.

Due to the hand-crafted nature and materials of this faux bois furniture it is normal that color, finish and texture may vary from item to item, much like an aged fine antique. Small cracks and an "aged or worn" look are inherent characteristics and are part of the charm and desirability of this item. If these are not desirable features for your tastes and sensibilities please consider purchasing another item. Thank You.


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