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Brass Companion Lantern

Brass Companion Lantern

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Brass Companion Lantern

The soft glow of the Companion Lamp sets the mood for an elegant tabletop dinner. The base of this charming table lamp is made from solid cast brass that is polished and lacquered. It has a non-skid bottom with holes that can be used for permanent mounting on a table surface so it won’t slide around. A unique, hassle free disposable fuel cell sits inside the base, and a delicate glass chimney fits securely on top. The oil Companion Lamp is a great value and a beautiful alternative to a candlelight dinner.

•3" diameter base x 9" H
•Solid cast brass base
•Glass chimney (20210)
•Includes one fuel cell with 17- hour burn time
•Finish: Living Finish Brass
•Additional fuel cells available in a 6 pack (See below)

Disposable Lantern Fuel Cells - 6 Pack

Individual disposable lamp fuel cells fit inside the brass font of the Brass Companion Lamp. They can be purchased as a 6-pack. Our exclusive blend of highly refined liquid waxes is formulated to standards far above other lamp oils. Odorless and smokeless when used as directed, this is the cleanest burning lamp fuel available. The fuel in this convenient disposable fuel cell eliminates sooty build-up commonly associated with kerosene fuel.

•Very safe, with a flash point over 200° F (93° C) H
•Not considered a hazardous material by most shipping agents
•No sooty build-up
•Odorless and smokeless

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Brass Companion Lantern
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Disposable Fuel Cells
6 Pack

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